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Frequently asked questions about sidebase.

How do I build my app?

All stacks that sidebase generates are ready for development. They are also kept minimal, so that nothing get's in the way and you don't have to delete half of the files are running the CLI:

npm create sidebase@latest
pnpm create sidebase@latest
# Note: Due to a known problem with `yarn`, it is not possible to force yarn to always use `@latest`:
yarn create sidebase

If you chose the "Merino" stack there will be less files and guidance, with the "Cheviot" stack there will be a bit more support.

In both cases it's best to just follow the final output of the create sidebase command to get the app running in development mode. The output can for example look like this:

# 🐑 Diamond:
# ✨ Project setup finished. Next steps are:
cd my-sidebase-app   // Enter your project directory
npx prisma generate  // Generate the prisma client
npm run dev          // Start the development server, use CTRL+C to stop

If you're not familiar with the technologies that are used here, we suggest that you get help or read through the introductions of each technology in the usage section:

Help! Typescript is throwing errors / my editor does not correctly support Vue Single File Components!

This is a quite common problem and often time comes down to one of the following two problems:

  1. Volar and or Volar take-over mode is not correctly setup: The most frequent step that is forgotten to correctly setup your Volar Vue Code Editor plugin is to disable the builtin TypeScript extention. This is described further in the coding setup guide
  2. The nuxt types are outdated: Nuxt generates a tsconfig and many types for us, but to do so it needs to get a chance to actually prepare them. This usually happens automatically on postinstall and on npm run dev, but can be forced by running npm run postinstall in sidebase projects

What happened to the "old" sidebase template?

The sidebase template is alive and well! It's used to setup Cheviot under the hood, so if you want to use the sidebase template, just select "Cheviot" in the first sidebase CLI step. You can still find the sidebase source-code and template here. It is basically used unaltered for Cheviot.

Why are TypeScript and Nuxt 3 essential?

TypeScript (TS) is essential because it provides guard-rails for development: TS let's us know what we talk about in our meeting when we discuss what the roles: Roles[] array contains, it informs our code-editor what we might be trying to do and let's it help us (think of GitHub Co-Pilot, but less AI), it guarantees certain kinds of correctness that we could only discover as a "bug" when our application was already deployed. The numerous benefits of TS are well known, if you want to read on, how about checking out the official Why TypeScript page.

Vue 3 is great - it has kept its promise of progressiveness and simplicity for web app development. It also has a rich ecosystem of libraries, modules and a sprawling developer community. Nuxt 3 wraps Vue 3 to help us productive Vue 3 quicker than ever before: Fullstack web Apps, Statis Websites, PWAs and more are all possible with Nuxt 3. Nuxt also optimizes all of these modes heavily to provide the best user-experience (UX) and developer-experience (DX).

Where can I get help?

See the getting help page for info on this. There you will find links to get help via our Discord or repo

What coding setup can you recommend?

We recommend that you:

Follow the coding setup guide to configure your VS Code setup.

What are inspirations for sidebase?

Some inspirations are:

  • create-t3-app: We love their simplicity & focus on TypeScript
  • remix: We love their aspiration and believe in the Web being able to deliver good, fast and reliable user-experiences
  • TanStack: We love their modular approach that enhances every JS-ecosystem or app, independent of what stack one wants to use
  • RedwoodJS: We love their focus on building something productive and helpful, rather than something that solves all theoretical problems

Released under the MIT License.