Commands Cheat sheet

This is a cheat-sheet with commands that are supported by the available sidebase stacks. Note that not all commands are available for all stacks.

Develop & Debug the app

npm install # Install required dependenciesnpm run dev # Start the fullstack app, including database

Availble in all stacks.

Linting, Formatting and Typechecking

npm run lint      # eslint for style and formatingnpm run typecheck # run typescript to check types

Availble in the Cheviot stack.

Testing & Code Coverage & Component Snapshots

npm run test # Run tests once, report results and coveragenpm run test:watch # Run tests and watch file changes, run tests for changed filesnpm run test -- -u # Update component snapshots after components changednpm run test -- -t "some test-text" # Run all tests with `some test-text` in their `test(...)` descriptionnpm run test:ui # Run the vitest testing web UI for easier test interaction

Availble in the Cheviot stack.


npx prisma generatenpx prisma studionpx prisma db pushnpx prisma db pull

... and all other commands that Prisma natively supports:

Availble in Cheviot and in Merino if you selected the Prisma ORM option.

Building & Deploying

npm run generate # Generate a static app for productionnpm run build    # Build the app for productionnpm run preview  # Start the app in production (requires `npm run build` beforehand)

Availble in all stacks.


docker build -t nuxt3-app .docker run -p 3000:3000 --init --rm nuxt3-app
Note: Docker is not required for development or deployment or deployment. You can also run on a bare-metal server

Availble in the Cheviot stack.


nvm use # If you use `nvm`, use this command to make sure that your local environment uses the correct, required node version

See the node setup guide to learn what nvm is.

Works out-of-the box with the Cheviot stack as long as you have nvm installed.