Node, npm, VS Code setup for Vue and Nuxt 3

If this is the first time you run a npm / node app on your setup, this guide will help you to set both of them up for your sidebase project:

  1. Install the node version manager nvm by running:
    curl -o- | bash
  2. Install the required node and npm version:
    • Specific version:
      nvm install 18
    • Create a .nvmrc-file that contains a node version like 16.14.2, then use it like this:
      # uses existing `.nvmrc`-file to install required versionnvm install
  3. Use the required node and npm version:
    • Specific version (in the current terminal session!):
      nvm use 18
    • Create a .nvmrc-file that contains a node version like 16.14.2, then use it like this (in the current terminal session!):
      # uses existing `.nvmrc`-file to use required versionnvm use
    • Permanently change used node and npm version:
      # Make node 16.14.2 your default node version:nvm alias default 16.14.2
  4. Install a code editor (recommended: VS Code), get it here
  5. Uninstall or disable the old Vue VS Code extension Vetur, else conflicts may arise between volar and Vetur
  6. Install the volar extension to support vue, nuxt and typescript development help
  7. Enable "take over mode" for volar for this project.
    • documented here:
    • for VS Code:
      1. Run (CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + P): Extensions: Show Built-in Extensions
      2. Find "TypeScript and JavaScript Language Features"
      3. Right click and select "disable for workspace"
      4. Reload the editor
      5. A message "Take over mode enabled" (or similar) should appear
  8. Done! You can now run `npm install and it should work as expected

Stuck? Ask for help:

If you have type-problems (e.g., unexpected squiggly lines in your code-editor) after running npm i for the first time:

  • Ensure you have vetur disabled or uninstalled (see above),
  • Ensure you have the builtin typescript extention of VS Code disabled (see above),
  • Reload the vue volar server (VS Code command: "Volar: Restart Vue Server"),
  • Close and re-open the file you have problems with,
  • Ensure that the nuxt-postinstall step ran to generate nuxt-types by running: npm run postinstall in your sidebase project

If none of this works, file an issue (preferrably with a reproduction) here or join our Discord to ask: