The productive way to build fullstack Nuxt 3 applications.

sidebase is a web app development kit to build production ready fullstack apps quickly. We build sidebase to provide a modular, modern, fully-typed and best-practice approach to make your ideas a reality. Around a core of TypeScript and Nuxt 3 sidebase adds components like Prisma ORM, tRPC, Authentication, CI, testing and more!

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Use our sidebase CLI to boostrap your project in minutes!

npm create sidebase@latest

What is sidebase?

sidebase is a web development kit to build production ready fullstack Nuxt 3 apps quickly. By hand picking battle tested modules and packages we provide a full-stack application base with amazing developer- and user-experience!

Nuxt 3 with Vue 3 as the frontend

Database models, migrations and queries with Prisma

Strong data-validation using zod

Integration with sidebase Nuxt 3 modules

In-memory development SQL-database via sqlite3

Code testing via vitest, test-library/vue and supertest

Linting through eslint

Code coverage via C8

Ready to deploy with docker

CSS utilities via TailwindCSS

CSS components via Ant Design Vue

Type checking in script and template via Volar / vue-tsc

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What do others think of sidebase?

The opinions of the community matter a lot to us! Have a look at what other developers have said about sidebase.

"Beautiful work on sidebase!"

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Atinux CEO of NuxtLabs

"🤩 This is super exciting: Sidebase is bringing `create-t3-app` to the Vue/Nuxt community!"

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Nikolas Burk Prisma Developer

"@sidebase_io is a Vue alternative for create-t3-app @t3dotgg"

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Criston Mascarenhas

"You added the missing part for me in nuxt3 to start experiment real world app with the framework"

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Dvir Hazout

"Really nice progress on @sidebase_io. Great job everyone 🙌"

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Daniel Roe Nuxt Framework Lead

"Thank you so much for sharing! Trying to use nuxt 3 on a larger project currently, and struggling a lot in terms of project structure, best practices, which ecosystems & libs to use"

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"Been following this issue/project for a few weeks now - this is fantastic, and also a project extremely close to my interest!"

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"Awesome 👏 good job Sidebase"

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Mahsa Mir

"@sidebase_io looks like a pretty slick starter template for working with @nuxt_js 3"

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Vue School Vue Learning platform

"sidebase: a modern, best-practice, fullstack app starter based on Nuxt3 and TypeScript, made by @sidebase_io"

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Phuoc Nguyen Open Source Developer

"Thanks for sharing! Nice start to explore @nuxt_js 3."

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"I really need to dive in it 👏🏼👏🏼"

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Brice Phatza

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