Breakpoint Debugging

JavaScript and TypeScript support breakpoint debugging. When you use VS Code as your code editor, breakpoint debugging is supported out-of-the box ๐ŸŽ‰ To use it:

  1. Open the command palette (CMD / CTRL + SHIFT + P)
  2. Select "Debug: JavaScript Debug Terminal"
  3. Run any npm command, e.g.: npm run test
  4. Your code editor colors should change a bit (e.g.: to orange) while executing the command, the left side should show deep execution insights
  5. Set breakpoints (click left of line count in editor - red dot should appear) - the debugger will automatically work and stop at the breakpoints and allow you to inspect variables
  6. Run a command that runs the code you set breakpoints at, e.g., npm run test

Your editor should look like this: Active VS Code JavaScript Debugger

Stuck? Ask for help:

Checkout the official VS Code guide for more in depth info.