Nuxt 3

Vue 3 is great - it has kept its promise of progressiveness and simplicity for web app development. It also has a rich ecosystem of libraries, modules and a sprawling developer community. Nuxt 3 wraps Vue 3 to help us productive Vue 3 quicker than ever before: Fullstack web Apps, Static Websites, PWAs and more are all possible with Nuxt 3. Nuxt also optimizes all of these modes heavily to provide the best user-experience (UX) and developer-experience (DX). Nuxt 3 prides itself with being "The Intuitive Web Framework" - and we agree!

Nuxt 3 is what "launches" your app. So you are already using it after running:

npm run dev
pnpm run dev
yarn run dev

You will see an output like this (if everything went well):

Nuxi 3.0.0Nuxt 3.0.0 with Nitro 1.0.0  > Local:    http://localhost:3000/  > Network:  > Network:  http://[fd60:aaef:97c3:d900:ce:722e:a03c:dc0]:3000/

When you open localhost:3000 you will see the sidebase-start-screen. It is very minimal - don't let that shock you. It is meant to be removed as one of your first actions and be replaced with your own beautiful idea. Checkout the official nuxt-docs here for further reading and a deep-dive into Nuxt 3.