Guest Mode

This feature was added in v0.5.0 of nuxt-auth.

You can use nuxt-auth to setup pages that are accessible only when the user is not logged in. This is sometimes called "guest mode". The behavior of such a page is as follows:

  • A logged in user visits the page -> redirect to another (likely protected) page,
  • A logged out user visits the page -> they are allowed to stay and view it

This behavior is useful for login pages that you don't want to be visitable by logged in users: Why should they go through a login flow again?


Briefly summarized, you can enable guest mode on a page by passing the following configuration:

definePageMeta({  middleware: 'auth', // Only required if globalAppMiddleware is disabled  auth: {    unauthenticatedOnly: true,    navigateAuthenticatedTo: '/profile',  },})

The above will:

  • allow only guest (== users that are not logged in) to visit the page
  • redirect everyone who is already logged in to /profile

Note: Setting unauthenticatedOnly: false above is equivalent to setting auth: false from the user-perspective, but requires some extra middleware-steps, so is a bit less efficient. Therefore it is recommended to always use auth: false instead.