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Welcome to the new sidebase homepage!


Hello everyone!

The entire team welcomes you to the new sidebase website! Ever since the launch of Nuxt 3 and Docus our team has been hard at work upgrading our website to run on the new documentation system. This has allowed us to upgrade the website with many new amazing features!

New design

The first major difference is that we completely redesigned our entire website. We have taken a lot of inspiration of the new art style selected for Nuxt 3 and accompanying official websites. This will hopefully underline the fact that we develop for the Nuxt 3 ecosystem and see ourselves as part of the amazing community it fosters.

Through these steps we hope to solidify our place in the community and also just present an amazing UX for developers using our docs, exploring our features or reading our blog posts!

Documentation pages

In addition to completely redesigning the page, we also decided to move our documentation from GitHub to an official documentation page. Through this switch we hope to make reading our documentation easier and more enjoyable. We all know that as good as docs on GitHub may be, a dedicated docs page will always be more enjoyable to read and use!

We are currently still in the process of transferring all the pages. Therefore, some docs may be incomplete, however you can still find them in the respective GitHub repositories.

While we have already done a lot of work on our docs, we believe we are not finished yet. So be on the lookout for new examples, more detailed explanations and much more!


Lastly, we also decided to add a blog page. A big draw of using sidebase is that it was developed by a team of experienced developers, who put all of their know how into the starter. We want to expand this knowledge sharing by publishing articles on how to build apps with not only sidebase and our modules, but with Nuxt 3 in general.

We also plan to publish our release notes, future ideas and much more, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our discord to never miss a new post!

That is it for now! I hope you enjoy our new website and as always feel free to reach-out and share feedback or bugs with our team!